The AcousticAbsorberLuminaire – AAL3000 HCLR

AcousticAbsorberLuminaire / LED Acoustic HCL / 2019
Healthy light and intelligent acoustic management


Healthy light and intelligent acoustic management in schools and all educational institutions.

The AcousticAbsorberLuminaire - AAL3000 HCLR

The AAL3000 HCLR is an area ceiling luminaire that impresses with its minimalist design. The luminaire is a supporting measure for acoustic management and implements the concept of HCL lighting. It combines healthy light through modern Tunable White LEDs with an intelligent contribution to acoustic management. Since we use Tunable White LEDs and blue daylight LEDs, we can reproduce an intelligent daylight gradient according to Human Centric Lighting (HCL) from 2700 – 6500 Kelvin. The possibility of stringing together the AAL3000 HCLR in a size of 60 cm x 300 cm (other dimensions on request) means that any room can be optimally illuminated, e.g. in two rows.

Acoustic management
The specially designed Barrisol® sheets suppress treble and reverberation. An open-cell foam made of melamine resin absorbs the low tones.

We do HCL Reality

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) places the needs of people at the centre of holistic lighting design. The concept encompasses the visual, emotional and biological effects of light. Biologically effective lighting adapted to daylight with non-visual, melanopic lighting effects promotes concentration and creativity. Our luminaires variably control illuminance, colour temperature and dynamics in the course of the day as well as the seasons. HCLR supports long-term health, well-being and performance.

Modes of action of light

Emotional lighting effect
Light can influence emotional well-being both positively and negatively. Lighting design must take into account architecture and formal aesthetics, as well as other psychological components.

Biological lighting effects
Light changes during the course of the day and the year. Biologically effective lighting systems therefore adapt through illuminance, planarity, light direction, colour temperature and dynamics.

Light colours influence people. Cool light supports focused and concentrated work. Warm light promotes brainstorming and creativity. Lighting that mimics daylight provides important stimuli for the circadian rhythm of pupils*. In addition, laboratory studies and investigations have shown that sufficient exposure to daylight-specific wavelengths prevents short-sightedness.

Increase the performance and well-being of your students* with AAL3000 HCLR. increase the performance and well-being of your students!

The advantages of the

Optional: CO2 sensor, acoustic sensor, motion detector, ceiling surface-mounted and recessed luminaire, felt cladding of the enclosure for additional sound absorption

Specification of the AAL3000 HCLR

Light sources

LED light sources are characterised by excellent controllability and a wide light spectrum. By using tunable white and blue daylight LEDs, the atmosphere can be specifically influenced.

Acoustic absorber

The AAL3000 has specially installed acoustic components that refract and redirect sound. The bass and treble are reduced and the reverberation is damped.

Daylight sensors

The luminaire reacts to incident daylight and reduces the electrical power while maintaining the same brightness in the room, which leads to a reduction in consumption.

Light Boost

Our light boost ensures that pupils* are awake from the very first minute. The 1000 lux are pre-programmable and decrease imperceptibly and continuously.


According to DIN 12464-1, the luminaire is glare-free and can therefore also be used in the digital classroom.

Ball-impact proof

Due to the double covering with Blanc Vénus and Néréide foils from Barrisol®, the AAL3000 HCLR is ball-proof and ideally suited for use in schools.

Fire protection

The AAL3000 HCLR complies with fire protection class B1.


Our built-in two-foil system prevents insects from entering.


via KNX field bus

PSDM fulfils your wishes

PSDM develops and builds special luminaires according to your needs. We design our circuit boards ourselves and only use the highest quality components. The control via KNX field bus makes it possible to control the AAL3000 HCLR individually. In the morning, for example, you can activate the pupils* with the pre-programmed light boost (1000 lux). Our lighting management system controls the colour temperature gradient (warm white to daylight white) according to requirements and varies the illuminance (500 to ≥ 1,000 lux). We thus comply with DIN EN 12464-1:2011-08. Daylight sensors measure the incident light. The luminaires are controlled individually and continuously so that the change is not immediately perceived.

We are thinking “light” … from the idea to reality

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