Oval lights

Oval lights
Design, manufacture and delivery of the professional assembly was carried out by the planner
September 2022

Oval lights

The customer wanted an oval pendant light in tunable white (TW) design, which should be separately controllable and dimmable as an uplight and downlight. With this project, we have implemented the customer’s requirements in a unique way in a special profile that is only 55 mm high and 25 mm wide and was manufactured using shipbuilding technology.

Two special, super-small control boards were integrated into the light.   The uplight and downlight of the light can be controlled via a 4-channel radio remote control,
the light color can be changed from 2700 – 6500 Kelvin and dimmed separately. The surface of the light was powder-coated in a special bronze tone according to the customer’s wishes.

Large oval 1600 x 750 x 55/25 mm
Small oval 1200 x 500 x 55/25 mm

ZentralHaus ZH Grundinvest AG
Bergengruenstraße 26
DE – 14129 Berlin

JBW-Interiors & Lights
Gustav-Krone-Str. 8
DE – 14167 Berlin

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