DNA-Double helix

Special luminaires / LED / 2021
Special lighting construction
January 2021

Luminous LED Double Helix

Technical highlight: Homogeneous illumination of the double helix with Tunable White colour temperature control

Based on an idea by Lance Hollman, a unique light sculpture was created in the entrance area to the gatehouse of the old Berlin Postfuhramt. The lighting designers from jack be nimble chose an “endless spiral” to realise the design, in which two luminous waves extend up to 5 metres. The intertwined geometry creates light and shadow in interaction with the lighting. The viewer perceives luminous sine curves. These are created by the combination of an inner and outer spring made of aluminium profiles with PMMA diffuser, which merge into one unit. The source of inspiration was the DNA double helix taken from the client’s field of activity, which also gives the unique piece its name.

The first photo on the left shows the result after installation. The second picture below shows the rendering of the lighting designer. Here you can see that we adhere closely to the planning specifications and are happy to accommodate the client’s wishes.

The technical highlights of this light spiral are, on the one hand, the homogeneous illumination of the double helix and a Tunable White colour temperature control. With this method, two LED strips arranged in parallel were fitted with two colour temperatures of 2700K and 6500K, from which all colour temperatures can be mixed. At the customer’s request, a CASAMBI control was used, which can be controlled manually via a remote control or with an app from cold white presence to warm white evening lighting.

Play Video about DNA-Doppelhelix-Leuchte-von-PSDM

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