Print your Mind on Barrisol® ceilings and walls
Creative prints with Barrisol - the world of digital printing

Creative prints with Barrisol - the world of digital printing

We open creative horizons and bring your innovative ideas, unique motifs and illuminated objects to ceilings and walls!

We open up visual horizons! Because exclusively according to your wishes, the stretch ceiling foil from Barrisol can also be printed with photos and motifs using a digital process. From natural landscapes in living spaces to graphic elements in workspaces, gastronomy and the hotel industry to staging at trade fair stands, almost any personal vision of space can be implemented with unique decor.

The motifs are coordinated in the form of material samples, reproductions or photos. We develop the desired layout for you and can access an extensive image database for graphic suggestions.

Thanks to high-resolution digital printing, creations can thus be freely designed according to your ideas and displayed on a surface in millions of colours.


The printing process

Barrisol stretch ceilings are printed after motif matching using the high-resolution, digital 6c UV inkjet process with a roll width of up to 5 metres. There are almost no size and shape limits for your productions, because depending on the web width of the material to be printed, the webs printed in bleed can be welded together by machine with high precision. Our graphic designers can adapt the selected image data to the final format, prepare the data for printing and adjust the layout according to your ideas. After the correction loop, the final motif is sent to you for approval and can be produced.


Light ceilings with digital motifs

In combination with integrated backlighting, the ceiling motif can become even more the centre of attention and enhance the atmosphere of the room. At the touch of a button, you can adjust the luminous ceiling to your needs and get an incomparable spatial experience aesthetically, uniquely and functionally.

The spectrum of applications ranges from living rooms, trade fair presentations, spas and wellness rooms to clinical applications in colour therapy. In addition to the multitude of design possibilities, the luminous ceiling is also an excellent means of optimising room acoustics, e.g. in conference rooms, due to its texture and perforation.