HVAC air conditioning with Barrisol®
Quiet, invisible and uniform air conditioning with the Barrisol Clim System

Climatisation with Barrisol®

Well-being through uniform room air conditioning

Surprisingly invisible, quiet and even, the Barrisol ceiling system air-conditions. Due to the constant wall temperatures and the combination between natural air movement and the large radiant surface of the ceiling, the manufacturer offers pleasant comfort – in both heating and cooling modes.
You can spend time in these air-conditioned rooms without noise pollution and without draughts and are surrounded by a pleasant coolness on warm summer days or cosy warmth on cold days.
Due to the ceiling radiation, the system is also very responsive and warms or cools noticeably within a few minutes.

The principle: air conditioning via the ceiling

The figure on the left illustrates the air conditioning system. 
1. in summer as in winter, the air-conditioned air sweeps along the outside of the walls. Unpleasant effects such as warm or cold walls disappear. 2.
2. a natural air movement is created in the room, which is very slow and therefore virtually unnoticeable.
3. the entire ceiling surface works and creates a pleasant and unobtrusive feeling of warmth or cooling.


→ Barrisol innovative profile
→ Healthy air and constant temperature
→ An imperceptible air flow

Throughout the room, you experience a balanced temperature on the walls and in the air. The very small temperature difference between the foot and head area (1.0 °C in heating mode and 0.5 °C in cooling mode) in combination with a virtually imperceptible air movement gives tangible comfort.

Klimatisierung mit Barrisol
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