BARRISOL - Stretch ceilings
The market leader for your individual design ideas
Illuminated ceilings and walls made of translucent foil
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BARRISOL - Stretch ceilings

High-performance films with acoustic, tranzlucent and climatic properties.
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The market leader for your individual design ideas

With or without lighting, Barrisol’s stretch ceilings offer countless creative possibilities to customise ceilings and walls in any room and give a homely ambience to your home or offer a unique design to work and business spaces.

As a certified partner, we respond to your wishes and ideas and will – from planning to assembly – implement your installation, with or without lighting, quickly and professionally.

What is a BARRISOL stretch ceiling?

Barrisol stretch ceilings consist of three components: the keder profiles, which are attached to the ceiling or walls, a special foil, which can consist of welded strips for larger surfaces and forms the actual ceiling, and the keder (edge reinforcement), which is inserted into the profile provided for this purpose. This has the great advantage that the ceiling is quasi reversible, can be opened and closed again at any time. A variety of different profiles for attachment allow you to realise your design ideas, including 3D shapes and sculptural organic forms. The high-quality foil is flame-retardant (B1), fully recyclable and absolutely harmless to health.

Why you should choose BARRSIOL?

Light stretch ceilings can be optimally integrated into new buildings or renovations. They can be used almost anywhere without being dependent on a specific geometry and thus offer unique design freedom. In addition, a wide variety of technical elements, such as lights and or Barrisol can be easily integrated.

Barrisol has been constantly developing new systems for stretch ceilings for over 50 years and is the market leader in this field.

What are the options?

The implementation possibilities are almost unlimited. The portfolio ranges from illuminated ceilings, illuminated walls, acoustic ceilings, air-conditioned stretch ceilings to printed stretch ceilings/print foils based on your own design ideas.

We are your contact for all conceivable visual and functional implementations and will work with you to develop an individual room concept tailored to your needs.


Design, flexibility, acoustic advantages, extremely stretchable and much more.
  • Unique creative possibilities to embellish rooms
    Integrates harmoniously into any room
  • Gives a unique feeling of space
  • Any shape (horizontal, round, slanted, three-dimensional, etc.)
  • Change the volume of the room with 3D shapes
  • Choice of 230 colours and 15 finishes
  • Light and acoustic-climate solutions can be combined
  • Can be suspended and retracted as required
  • Adapts to all styles
  • Easy integration of lighting, heating, air-conditioning and security systems
  • Rails can be fixed to walls at the desired height
  • Installation by approved Barrisol installers

  • Fast, clean and dust-free installation

  • Optimization of the room acoustics thanks to Acoustics® technology
  • Barrisol Acoustics® can be installed with another insulating material/ (sound absorber) to optimise the room acoustics
  • Very high sound absorption coefficient
  • Creates unique and homogeneous radiated lighting scenes on walls and ceilings
  • Integration of all types of lighting (suspended or integrated elements, spots, fibre optics, Leds, colour changers, etc.)
  • Lighting in all shapes (3D, cube, pyramids, spheres, light paths, etc.)
  • Use for projection or retro-projection (light shows, pictures, etc.)
  • Ideal for use with chromotherapy and luminotherapy procedures
  • Resists moisture and evaporation and acts as a vapour barrier
  • Waterproof
  • No water damage, as the water collects in a water sack, without tearing, above the stretch ceiling
  • Respect for the environment – reducing energy consumption during production
  • The production of 1,000 m ² of film requires less than 180 kg of raw material, which represents a volume of 0.10 m³. (For the same area of a wooden ceiling, approx. 50m³ of wood is needed)
  • Long life span
  • 100% recyclability of the film and packaging materials
  • Recyclés® sheets are made from recycled Barrisol sheets.
  • No risk of injury in case of explosions or earthquakes
  • Fire protection ceiling (in combination)
  • Fire protection class B1 (Class1, Class 0, B-s2, d0)
  • No release of cadmium or other toxic substances (according to European and international standards) in case of fire
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Energy saving: smaller room volume to be heated, reduction of heat loss to the outside
  • No further renovation work necessary (no need to paint)
  • Long service life confirmed by satisfied customers for 25 years
  • No loss of quality over the years
  • No loss of resilience – the covers retain their shape
  • 10-year guarantee against hidden defects during manufacture (weld seams, foil and piping)
  • Dismantling of the ceiling is possible at any time in a few minutes by a professional installer.
  • Easy access to the interstitial space in case of water damage, repair of technical equipment, installation of new equipment and lighting, etc.
  • Washable with water or cleaning with Barrisol care products (except for the suede/flocked sheet)
  • A separated layer of air is created between the stretch ceiling and the existing ceiling. This layer of air, following the example of double glazing,
  • forms an insulating cushion and prevents condensation on the Barrisol sheet.
  • Reduction of heat loss from floors and ceilings
  • Reduction of the volume of the room to be heated, since the sheet can be installed at the desired height.
  • Excellent results can be obtained in combination with thermal insulation
  • Technically designed to guarantee maximum stability during installation
  • Special techniques for large areas
  • Techniques for the stability of side joints
  • Guaranteed stability for ceilings at great heights
  • Guaranteed stability for applications integrated into ceilings
  • ave the adequate answer to solve any technical problem
  • Provides a solution to compensate for construction errors or deformations
  • Avoids openings: electrical cables can be routed above the stretch ceiling
  • Eliminates refractions, reflections, etc.
    Avoids thermal bridges
  • The molecular memory structure of the Barrisol sheets ensures that the ceiling returns to its
    the blanket returns to its original shape after deformation.
  • Ball-shot resistant, as the film absorbs the shot